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Stocking up the Freezer without Crying too Much

Store the onions without weeping…mad scientist or kitchen genius?

Chopping Onions for the Freezer with Swim Goggles

Okay.  Admittedly not the best picture, but when your photographer is 10 and takes the picture at an upward angle, cutting out the actual onions in your left hand, this is what you get.  A crazy, goofy, grinning mommy wielding a large chopping knife.  Point is…you can chop onions for the freezer and you don’t have to sob over it. Here is my story.

I started with a ginormous bag of “Sweet” onions from Costco.  Ha.  Yeah.  Super sweet.  I got through chopping one onion.  ONE.  Tears were streaming down my face.  My children were coming over concerned about mom, “Why is mommy crying?” only to recoil as they entered the wave of onion fumes surrounding me. “Run, kids!  Save yourselves!”

Anywho….my amazing husband enters the picture.  At this point I am  almost in (real) tears because I have an entire bag of these tear bombs to chop up so we have them handy in the freezer to use in casseroles, crock pot re-fried beans, etc.  Hubby suggests his swim goggles.  Really?  Swim goggles?  Not a bad idea.  So I don his extra fancy, swim goggles and start chopping.  (First I open several windows.)  I get through one onion.  Nothing.  Not a drop of moisture.  Of course these goggles are pressed so tight against my face, it feels like they are trying to meld to my skull.  But they work wonderfully.  Thus the happy onion chopping, ridiculous looking woman (me) pictured above.

As a side note, one of those big Costco bags of onions yielded about 18 1 cup portions, which I stuck in sandwich baggies and then transferred several of the smaller baggies to a gallon freezer bag for longer term storage.

Plus I left 4 onions whole to use fresh.  Better keep those goggles handy…

3 thoughts on “Stocking up the Freezer without Crying too Much

  1. I have so threatened wearing safety “gobbles” as my son at 3 called them for the very same reasons!! Last time I made onion soup with those “sweet” onions I nearly went blind! I put on sunglasses and then used packing tape to seal them to my face. Like your picture, it was oh-so attractive! (the evidence of mine was destroyed though! Ha) But hey…we do what we gotta do, right?! I am inspired by you and will definitely scarf a pair of swimming goggles from my kid or hub and use those next time… My eyebrows are still growing back in from the tape fiasco!

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