Uuuuugllyyyyy chickens. bleh.

Have you ever seen a molting chicken?  Neither had I.  I didn’t realize chickens went through an annual molt.  And I think I have the dumbest chickens because apparently they usually molt in the fall…mine waited until January when they could lose all their neck feathers and freeze to death.  Chickens aren’t the smartest animals. … Read More Uuuuugllyyyyy chickens. bleh.

Chickens, Growing Green

Time to Get Planting!

Around now is the time to plant your cool weather veggies in Idaho/Pacific Northwest.  If you haven’t already been out there (and as long as your soil isn’t frozen or waterlogged), it is a great time to plant peas, lettuces, swiss chard, bok choy, spinach, beets, carrots, onions…anything that is considered a cool weather crop. … Read More Time to Get Planting!