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Red and Golden Beets and Greens

The first of our harvest is starting to trickle in. Red and golden beets were on the menu tonight! This year has been a rough one for me in the garden world. My motivation to garden just hasn’t been there this year. I didn’t start my seeds exactly on time, I didn’t fertilize the raised… Read More Red and Golden Beets and Greens

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Spring Planting

I haven’t posted in almost a year.  It has been a rough year for planting.  Last winter, on the 24th day of January, I started onion starts, lettuces, artichokes, and kohlrabi.  On the first day of February, I started about 50 tomato plants.  On February 16, I started about 50 more.  Early February I also… Read More Spring Planting

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Trench Planting Tomatoes

Last year I tried a new-to-me method for my tomato starts.  Unfortunately, I moved and didn’t get so see the results of my experiment.  This method has been recommended for either those who want to grow really strong tomato plants or those who end up with very leggy tomato starts.  It is a method that… Read More Trench Planting Tomatoes