A look at a Homeschool Curriculum

This year we are using, as usual, a variety of homeschool resources.  I prefer to use an eclectic mixture rather than a packaged all-in-one curriculum.  Many of my homeschooling friends use complete curriculums and really love them, but I tend to want specific things and find that I like the variety that using different resources gives us.  So this is the basic list of what we are or have been using this year.  It has most, but not all of the resources we use.  I am usually reading aloud at least one or two good novels to the whole group, including the five year old.  (I also go to our State’s website and print the educational requirements for each grade to make sure that we cover all the bases.)  We do NOT use all of these every day.  That would kill us timewise.  We use what we need from these resources to learn what we need to learn.

7th Grade

He reads a variety of novels, poems and essays for his daily personal reading.
Shurley English
www.freerice.com (An awesome website that covers many subjects.  We are using it for vocabulary improvement right now.  I love that it is also a charitable activity while you are learning.)
Wordly Wise
Vocabulary From Classical Roots
Outlining and Diagramming
Memory Work – Poems and Speeches
Writing Strands

Apologia Science – Zoology – Land Animals
Apologia General Science

Saxon Math

Story of the World
General U.S. History Textbook
Geography app on the IPAD


4th Grade

A variety of books on his own to practice reading to himself and out loud to mom
Cursive Practice Book
Journal Writing
All About Reading/All About Spelling
Memory Work – Famous Poems and Speeches
Basic Grammar education from a variety of resources including a Language Arts Workbook
Right Start Math

Apologia Science – Zoology – Land Animals

Story of the World
Daily Geography – Evan Moore
Geography app on the IPAD

Miscellaneous library books on health topics

Second Grade

Variety of chapter books for practicing reading to himself and out loud

All About Spelling/All About Reading
Handwriting Without Tears
Explode the Code
Journal writing
First Language Lessons
Writing with Ease
Language Arts Worksheets

Right Start Math

Daily Geography
Geography App
Story of the World

Health from books

Apologia Science – Zoology – Land Animals



Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading
Variety of Worksheets
Handwriting Worksheets
Wordly Wise – Vocabulary

Math Worksheets
Right Start Math

Educational Videos

Lots of library books
Listens to science and social studies being read aloud

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