Growing Green

Snow Again…

Even though I am listening to my favorite Celtic songs (makes me feel green!) and even planted a couple of the veggies that claim you can plant “as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring,” it snowed again yesterday.  The instructions on those packets crack me up.  They must not be for me.  A very determined gardener can “work” the soil even if it has layers of frost in it.  I know I shouldn’t.  The seeds will probably be wasted that I planted.  I put in some beets and peas.  I know in my head they won’t germinate if the soil is too cold, but I am seeing the crocus sprouts coming up and the weeds are already starting.  I can’t help myself.  I should probably put in some more indoor starters and forget about the outside until the Lord is ready for the growing season.

Oh, and if you should need some good Irish music this morning, Van Morrison and the Chieftains is awesome.  Here is a video to make you feel “springy.”

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