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Edible Landscaping with Rosalind Creasy

So, after I planted my new seed starter kits and transplanted the double plants (hope they make it), I spent a little bit of time trolling around the internet checking out garden ideas and playing on Pinterest and I came across Rosalind Creasy’s blog.  She is AMAZING.  Talk about an expert.  Every picture there could be in a magazine.  Seriously.  Here is an example…


Ordering Seeds for Your Edible Landscape » Edible Landscaping with Rosalind Creasy.

See what I mean?  This blog rocked my world.  I now have garden envy.  Lots of garden envy.  I actually read and skimmed through her old back posts clear to 2008.

What I like most is her focus on edible landscaping.  She apparently did an experiment with seeing how much food you can grow in 100 sq. feet and it was almost $700.00 worth.  Plus it looked gorgeous.  I don’t want to totally replant my front yard or anything, but it really does get you thinking about how we waste so many resources getting plants to grow that are pretty, but don’t really benefit us in any other way.  If you are going to water it and care for it, wouldn’t it be great if it could provide you with healthy, organic yummies too?  Grass sucks water and takes a lot of time and effort to weed and mow.  Yet I do like the way a lush lawn looks.  Hmmmmm.  I wonder if I could do something small to start.  She had one idea of planting strawberries in pretty, largish pots as decorations.  They (of course) looked beautiful in her pictures, as did everything, but I actually might be able to put a couple of those out front and have it look nice.  I wonder too about using red lettuces as a border plant in the front bed?  Would that look odd?  I Need to examine this idea more closely. Thank you Ms. Creasy!  I just may have to order your book now.


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