The End is Near!

I am tired.  I am very tired.  Emotionally, of course, as well as physically.  Why?  Because I have been pulling single mom duty for 2 days now, taking care of 4 grumpy sick kids who have been indoors for most of the last week due to illness and trying to homeschool at the same time.  Just ask me how that’s working out.  I dare you.

I have no idea how single parents handle this.  Yesterday, when we were still working on our math at 5:30 in the evening, Warrior Princess was in constant whine mode, and I had caught puke in my own hands (I am still shuddering,) I just wanted to pull my hair out.  And yes, I said PUKE.  Before you judge me, it is MUCH easier to wash your hands than clean puke out of the carpet.  My sister almost died though.  It must be a mom thing.  All those things would have normally happened anyway with sick kids, but I would have had the mental and physical relief of hubby coming home to help in the “second half.”

Originally, when I found out I was going to play single mom for two days I had visions of all I could get done by myself in the evening.  I fully intended to put on some relaxing music, light a couple of candles, grab a cup of cocoa and have a full on planning session – working out the meal plans and the lesson plans for the next month or so.  That was my intention, honest.  Guess what I did instead?  As soon as the kids were in bed, I plopped down in the lazy boy and called my mommy.  Sometimes you just need your mommy.  True that.  Then I watched Smoke Signals on Netflix (throw back to college days) and ate a bowl of cheerios, imagining it was a brownie.  I wanted to make real brownies, honest I did, but I was too far past that level of activity.

This afternoon, we are almost at the finish line.  Happy dance in my head!  Hubby is coming home this evening and I know I can make it now.  The meal plans and lesson plans aren’t done, the house is a bit of a wreck and we are definitely having leftovers for dinner but I will survive!

Oh, my beautiful, sweet children did miss their daddy.  They have been anxiously planning his return, wondering if they can stay up until he gets in (nice try, Muscles), making lego masterpieces and trying to help me because they knew that I was sad.  In fact, little He-Man (age 6) followed me around all morning calling me “honey” and pretending that he was Dad because he knew I missed daddy so much.  He even filled my water glass up with ice and water like daddy always does so I make sure and drink enough water throughout the day.   I really am a complete pansy, I know.  And thank you, boys, for your help.  Only 6 more hours!!!!!


4 thoughts on “The End is Near!

  1. Two days of trying to get people to care… two days of trying to get people to “catch the vision”… When all I need is to come home to the caring people and a wife who truly understands me.

    Hey Girl! Who needs a foot rub while drinking that hot cooc? See you at 11pm

    1. YES!!!!!!! Oh, and the boys made you a video 🙂 with Christmas music and legos and everything!!!! You are soooooo much better than Ryan Gosling 🙂

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