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Update on the Experiments…


The avocado plant has continued to grow.  I seriously thought it was a goner.  It now has a root thing coming out the bottom.  I have no idea how the top of the plant is planning on getting out of the shell.  The pics I have seen show it coming out of the top of the pit.  I am still skeptical, but I was skeptical about the whole thing from the very beginning.

The nursery in Muscles’ room has continued to develop and grow.  I haven’t lost any plants in there due to dampening off yet.  Hope this streak of good fortune continues.  I have recently heard that sprinkling cinnamon on your seedlings also helps to prevent dampening off.  It maybe worth a sprinkle for good measure, although I am having pretty good results with using the hydrogen peroxide in the water so far.  And I do flip on the ceiling fan in his room to keep the air circulating and make the stems sturdier for a little while each day.


  Here is the butternut squash that I should not have planted.


And…here is a close up of one of the Early Girl tomatoes.  Cute, huh?


My eggshell experiment has pretty much bombed.  I have no green thumb, ironically, and those eggshells just take too much monitoring from me to keep the moisture levels right.  Method that takes too much time:  FAIL.  Also my winter sowing experiment in the milk jugs outside.  Way to much work to keep moisture in the container.  I don’t have the time or energy to keep these things balanced.  ANOTHER FAIL.  I will stick with the easier and faster methods for me, thanks.

2 thoughts on “Update on the Experiments…

    1. Yeah, I planted the tomatoes on the 9th of last month. I definitely have some smaller ones that were planted a bit later than that. Most everything has come up, though I have had a few seeds that were duds. You will have to keep me posted. How many of what did you start?

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