Serving Others

The Ugandan Orphan’s Choir

I think this has to be one of my favorite quotes of all time.  Mother Theresa was so incredible.  Tonight I had the opportunity to take the kids to see the Ugandan Orphan’s Choir perform.  What a blessing to see all those children, so beautiful and full of life and rhythm.  I was truly moved by the music and the dancing.  They were taking child sponsorships to sponsor the children’s education and, if the children had no families, the daily needs of the children.  The organization behind this is called Childcare Worldwide (

I always get overwhelmed by the number of children (and organizations) that need help.  It is too much and I feel like shutting down.  But then I remember this quote from Mother Theresa.  It is amazing to know that she felt just as I do, but found the answer to the paralyzation.  We aren’t to look at the masses, we are to look at the one.  If we look at the one that God puts in our path, we can help.  It is no longer overwhelming.  It IS manageable.  My sister has a phrase that I just love.  She says, “It mattered to that one.”  Even if you help only one person, it does matter.

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