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The Spring Report

Already up:  (some) peas, beets, arugula, spinach, buttercrunch lettuce, oakleaf lettuce, chives, garlic

Waiting to see:  royal red lettuce, swiss chard, alyssum (carpet of snow)

Just planted:  more peas, royal red lettuce, onions, radishes, carrots, Muscles’ giant cabbage (a school project that I really hope I don’t kill),  the fruit trees at the church garden, and my Dahlia bulbs

Planting next:  a variety of flower seedlings I started a bit back, basil, cilantro, possibly lemongrass, and chocolate mint if I can find it locally – all in pots or planters.  Also need to get my bed at the church garden going with more peas and all kinds of fun other cool weather stuff.


Oh, and as a side note… if you want to plant peas now, and you want to have those super yummy ones that you pop open and they are like candy sweet – make sure you check your packet.  I recommend a sugar snap or super sugar snap.  Some peas do not have edible pods and are just for shelling…just an FYI. It will say on the packet if they have edible pods or not.  Those sugar snaps are the ones my kids (and I) love to pick and eat non-stop.  Mmmmm.

The great garden experiment from last fall is not up yet, but I didn’t really anticipate that because they were warm weather experiments.  Last fall I planted a couple of tomatoes.  Crushed the whole things and stuck them in the ground.  I also took the entire center out of a couple of red peppers.  You know that white thing with all the seeds attached and buried a couple of them.  I know they don’t even have a chance until the weather turns warm.  But I am curious.  Isn’t that more how they would grow in nature?  Unless, of course, the seeds weren’t good ones to use in the first place.

The strawberries are growing already, I have transplanted several.

The raspberries are waking up and starting to put new growth on last year’s canes as well as send a few new shoots up here and there.  The trees are starting to bloom and look beautiful.  Definitely spring time here!


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