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Do the World a Favor and Don’t Plant Garden “Thugs”

Every gardening season I go out to my garden beds and see two things happening.  The mint is thriving and the morning glories are everywhere.  The only problem is that I didn’t plant either one of these.  The lady who lived here before me must have thought morning glories were charming and mint a delicacy.  Foolish woman.  She stuck these two garden thugs right in the garden, probably not knowing any better, and now, six and a half years later, I am still trying to eradicate them from the ground.  They are indestructible.  Superman, with his laser eyes, couldn’t burn them out of the soil.  The morning glory vines climb my tomato trellises and compete for nutrients in the soil.  The mint springs up again and again in between my strawberries where it is hard to dig out.  PLEASE.  For future generations.  If you must plant a “garden thug” I beg you to put it in a container and NOT let it go to seed.  Here is a list of some of the most common “thugs” to avoid/restrain in containers found at  Check before you plant and avoid a world of headaches later.

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