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Spring Cleaning with Children

This is how my morning went today.  At 8:00 a.m. I had two fillings replaced and two cavities filled.  This left my face half paralyzed.  My face was numb and when I tried to talk I lisped.  Hubby made chocolate chip pancakes, which I could not eat because I could not feel my face.  Instead I drank an instant breakfast, with a straw, because when I tried to use a cup, the instant breakfast fell out the left side of my mouth and dribbled down my chin.  When I smiled, only half my face went up. The children naturally thought this was hilarious and the six year old who is in speech therapy had a blast “correcting” me when I pronounced words wrong due to my lisp.

Face still half frozen, I decided to do some spring cleaning.  So as I was vacuuming out and under the couches, completely hands full of course, the children were fighting.  I had the couch flipped upside down and was on my hands and knees working and they decided it was time for all out war.  Time outs abounded.  I sorted through the downstairs toybox and had to argue that they never, ever played with certain things and, in fact, they barely even remembered they owned them.   But everything is precious when the “donation” box is out.

While I bagged the (small) bag of donate-able toys, Warrior Princess ran from the kitchen with her milk cup hanging from her hand and dripping down her leg, leaving small white puddles on my floor and then, of course, across the newly vacuumed and cleaned carpet.  As I was cleaning the milk out of the carpet, she got her leg caught in Bob’s (the rocking horse’s) stirrup.  While I cleaned the milk off the kitchen floor, she managed to unhook the tray from her highchair and drop it on her foot.  There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Mine, of course.

How did your day go?


6 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning with Children

  1. Better than yours. Although, Christian managed to break my geranium that I have been nursing all winter long and was so looking forward to putting it on my doorstep in the summer. Now we shall see, since pieces of it are now in a vase, in the window.

  2. Why are you cleaning with only half a face? Relax a little my sister. Send the babies outside to play or a put a movie on and take care of yourself!

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