Growing Green

A Sad, Sad Thing Happened

I lost several plants.  The first were the radishes.  They came up beautifully. They grew fast.  But they have fallen victim to my not so green thumb.  They weren’t developing right and I got irritated and pulled them all out and planted a houseplant instead.  Cuz that’s just the way I roll.  I think in the future, I will plant these suckers directly outside, unless the kids want to see them popping out of the soil again – they did enjoy watching them.  I ALWAYS have had better luck with direct sowing.  God is a much better gardener than I am.  Although I am remaining hopeful about my other seedlings as they still look pretty good.  Especially the monster squash.  It looks exceptional, of course.  What on earth was I thinking?  The thing has to be positioned just so now on the tray or it’s gigantic leaves block out the sunbeams to the other plants.  Oh, and one of the transplants didn’t get enough water and it died too.  🙁

One other little sorrow… Warrior Princess decided to “help” mama water the plants.  (Note to self – it never ends well when the children help me with the seedlings.)  Somewhere between me lifting one of the starter pots off the tray and lowering it into the bath for it’s nice long drink, Elise decided to pick it.  She was very excited to show me the “pretty” she had picked and waved the poor little thing excitedly all around.  I had to tell her gently that we look but don’t touch – to which she gave the the appropriate grin that seemed to say, “Yeah, whatever Mom.  I have absolutely no idea what those words mean.”  Luckily, it was one of the later transplants and wasn’t very big.

I also had a few seeds that didn’t germinate so I took the empty containers and sprinkled some ground cover seeds in them all to put between my stepping stones.  The Allysum (also called Carpet of Snow) is already up!  I love that ground cover – smells like honey and looks beautiful.

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