Growing Green

Chocolate Mint is an herb, honest.



Ta-da!  My sweet hubby made me a new planter because I couldn’t find what I was looking for at the store.  We bought some boards from Home Depot.  They were called 1×12 -4 #2 common boards.  Pine?  Untreated anyway.  They were $5.83 apiece.  He simply screwed three of them together and then cut another 2 to make the dividers and the ends.  Isn’t he wonderful?  So now, I have a great new herb box.  For holding the herbs I bought today.  Oh, I definitely needed an herb box (with dividers!)

I already have planters for my basil and cilantro, but today I went to a local store, D&B Supply and bought some amazing and yummy herbs.  Garden, meet Chocolate Mint.  Yes.  An herb.  Herbs are healthy, right?

And, Lemon Thyme – about my favorite herb – just amazing.


I also bought Peppermint.  And then I think I am going to need some more basil, because, let’s be realistic, you can never have too much basil.  Unless I decide to plant lemongrass in the last space.  I need to do some research though, I have lemongrass seeds, but will they really grow very well in Idaho?  And how big will they get?  Tomorrow – herbs! (Remember that mint – even Chocolate Mint – is a garden thug and needs to be in a container to keep it from spreading all over the place.)


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