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The Finished Planter Box

So I put the finished planter box on the end of the deck next to my little flower box for now.  We drilled five smallish holes in the bottom of each section, filled each with about 1-2 inches of small rocks (thanks Jaynell!) and topped with Miracle Gro soil.  I kept the plants down a bit so that if it freezes I can cover the top easily without ruining any herbs.  As you can see, there is still one empty box.  I have decided against lemongrass and am now leaning toward more basil or parsley in the final space.  Suggestions?

Here are a couple of close ups!


This project was well worth doing.  Can’t wait to experiment in the kitchen with these fresh herbs.  Thanks babe!

6 thoughts on “The Finished Planter Box

    1. Well. After much discussion between John and I, cilantro it is. You are right Veera. Always cilantro. Can never have too much. Hoping that this year, if I keep it well trimmed it will be lush and full instead of bolting up and trying to go right to seed. Thanks for steering me right 🙂

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