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Church Garden – The Empty Intimidating Field

Well, there it is folks.  The big field at the church garden.  This is the empty (and intimidating -it’s so huge when you are hand planting) field.

After a few hours today we have four long rows now planted out in potatoes, two in sweet corn, and three with a mix of carrots, beets, bush beans, and cucumbers.  Still need to put in a row of peppers and plant a long row of melons off to the side.  I think the Meridian Food Bank is going to be rather happy!  Plus the people at church and the gardeners who snitch a few here and there.

I may be overextending myself.  I think I am.  I have now committed to also work in the Meridian Community Garden.  12 hours a month isn’t so bad, right?  Oh well.  We should be rolling in yummies this fall.  I had better put a more consistent effort into eating up all the stuff in the freezer so we have room.

I think that I ended up with 21 or 22 tomato plants at my own house, 3 artichokes (which have now recovered and are actually growing), 1 giant cabbage (a school project for Muscles), a bed of beets, a bed of onions, several trellises of peas, a half bed of carrots, a half bed of turnips, various lettuces and spinach, a couple rows of radishes, and room to finish two more beds of bush beans.  My sons’ bushels that they plant each year contain radishes, onions, carrots, and Josh planted a watermelon.  The strawberries look good, the raspberries are blooming.  Everything is going as planned so far.  At home.  At my personal bed at the church garden the gophers are eating everything.  Ah, well.  Can’t win every battle.


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