Moments of Pure Joy

Romance is in the Air

Muscles is in love.  At least he is in 9 year old love.  Which sounds a lot like regular love to hear his description of it.

“You feel in heaven and worried and rushed all the time to get back to talk to her.”

He said it makes him feel nervous.  He said that “two years is just the perfect age difference” (she is 7).  He thinks this because his father is a bit older than me, though not two years 🙂  I think he “loves” her because she loves spies and legos and Star Wars.  But whatever.  He is glad that he met her at a church because that means that she loves Jesus, according to He-Man.  And she is beautiful on the inside.

He is right, in a way.  That is kind of how the first rush of new love/infatuation feels like.  It’s weird to hear it coming from a nine year old though.  Happy Monday!

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