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Gardening Update – July 20, 2012

One of the Bushy Tomato Plants!

Well…things have changed.  I am working in the church garden, but NOT the community garden.  Hubby and I decided that that would be just a bit too much especially with the traveling we wanted to do this summer.  We made a great decision.  I would have been overwhelmed.  We just returned from our 2 weeks in Montana and man, you would think I had been gone for months.  The weeds are taking over at home and at the church.  Several things have died, and or not grown well because they did not get the attention they deserved.  Most notably the green beans.  I have a black thumb with them this year.  I planted a row before leaving town and seriously only 1 of the beans grew.  ONE. Time to replant.  Hope there is time for them to make it. This is what the weeds did while I was gone.  You can still see a few onions in this bed and a couple of struggling cherry tomato plants, but obviously the weeds have become the main feature here.

The Awful “Weed” Bed

I am starting to get some tomatoes and I pulled up the last of the sugar snap peas that withered while I was away.  I had to straighten out the tomato branches that were sprawling everywhere.  The wind at the church blew over my trellis and killed all the beans I had growing there.  So here is my plan:  replant the beans (AGAIN), restake the things at the church, weed everywhere like mad, thin out the prior years raspberry canes so this years can start blooming now that the old ones are done and give everything a really good soaking drink.  Being gone is not conducive to gardening well, but I am still glad we went on our trip.

What I am harvesting now…the last of the peas, the final raspberries on the old canes, basil, cherry tomatoes and regular tomatoes from the house and spicy peppers from our family plot at the church garden.

A Few Tomatoes – the Cherry ones all got eaten before the picture was taken!
The Basil is Looking Great!
A Few of the Watermelon Plants are growing!

I took a big bag of yellow squash and zuchinni to the food bank from the church garden on Wednesday.  Lots of squash of course at the garden.  While I was gone they pulled up all the carrots and took those.  There are cabbages to harvest and possibly some beets from the field, I need to take a peek and see.  The cucumbers in the field are looking good and despite me being the one taking care of them, the beans seem to finally be growing out there as well.

So what is growing in your garden?


2 thoughts on “Gardening Update – July 20, 2012

  1. Looks good! Several of my green beans were no-shows too! I wonder if it’s the seeds. I picked a few bell peppers and a banana pepper this week and just got a small handful of green beans. Yay! I love it when we get to start harvesting. The kids and I are going out several times a day hoping for something new to have grown. Lots of flowers on the tomatoes and cucumbers too.

  2. My pepper plants aren’t producing yet. Lucky you! We are checking frequently as well. I am loving not having to buy so much produce at the store!

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