Pajama and Peanut Butter Cookie Kind of Day

Ah, homeschool.  How I love thee.  So, I realized when my hubby called around lunch time to ask how my day was going that 4 of the 5 of us were still in our pajamas and all of the remaining peanut butter cookies had been stolen one at a time between lessons, BUT we had almost finished with the math!

I laugh about it, but today, though slow, was a success.  We finished school at a reasonable time, eventually all got dressed (around 2ish but who is really keeping track of the time?), the kiddos got some outside time, they had dinner (including a vegetable and a protein!), they made it to church activities, I made a batch of homemade granola, and started some apples dehydrating for apple chips.  See?  Success!  It is only that much sweeter that they got to do their math in their pajamas while munching peanut butter cookies.  I think if I had gotten to do my math that way growing up, I would be much better at it than I am today.  And I certainly would have liked it better!

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