A Sick Day to Mess Around with the Blog

I spent all day lying in bed feeling sick.  See?  Proof.  This is me doing what I did all day.  Laying in bed in my pajamas. Don’t I look lovely? Yeah…



Thanks kids.  They were actually sick on Christmas.  That was really sad.  Luckily, hubby had the day off and was able to do all the parenting with some help from Grandma and Papa.  Most of the time I was playing silly word games and just being miserable, but I managed to take a little bit of time to mess around with the website.  I have been unhappy with the design and wanted something a little simpler.  So if you have been around lately you may have noticed the blog trying on all kinds of different “outfits” so to speak.  I am getting closer to what I want, but there will continue to be some site maintenance.  Sorry about the mess.  Hope you are having a beautiful week!

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