Cold Weather and Felt Fun


This is not a picture of snow.  That is just the frost that accumulated on our trees a few days ago.  Check it out on my raspberry bushes…


Beautiful yes.  Cold, but beautiful.  So we have been inside a few days.  And warming up with felt.  Felt and rice.  And also making some cute felt food for the kiddos playset.  Check it out.  Easy and fun.  No patterns were used.  Just started cutting and stitching.  And using some ideas off Pinterest as guides and inspiration.  It was really easy, really cheap and the kids loved what I made for them.  I made each a felt heart, filled with rice to be heated and taken to bed when they go to cuddle with and know that I love them.


This one is baby girl’s.  She carried it around all day asking whoever had a spare moment to “heated it” (microwave it and warm it up for her).  I just cut out two identical hearts from the cheap pink felt from Walmart and whip stitched them together.  Left a tiny bit open and filled with rice, then stitched the opening closed.  I used two strands of embroidery thread.  And I found this awesome tutorial on how to whip stitch.   This lady makes awesome felt stuff.  I am in awe.  She also has one on how to do the blanket stitch, which I haven’t used yet, but plan to experiment with soon.  These tutorials were incredibly helpful.  Because before I checked them out, I didn’t know how to do anything except stick the needle in one side and pull it out the other.  Sewing is not something we did in our home.  My mom hot-glued hems.  Seriously.

Then I made some play food.


I am not super happy with the bun.  I may make some bread (think that would be easier)  or try it again with a tutorial this time instead of just winging it.  But the insides of the burger turned out cool.  Kids love it anyway.  Except for the tomato.  Baby girl keeps taking the tomato out and handing it to me or dad saying, “I don’t like tomatoes!” Even in play food, apparently.



DSC07544 DSC07550


Last of all, I made a cute little penguin.  Just to see if I could.  It worked!  Baby girl loves it.


Working on a pancake and an egg for more play food.  Happy felting!




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