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Over-Wintering Beets

Yeah, I told you I would keep you posted.  I totally didn’t eat the over-wintered beets.  I was worried that something might be wrong with them.  I probably should have.  I’ll bet they were fine.  So, sorry about that.  I will stick to trying to eat all the beets in the season in which they were grown for now.  Or taking them to the local food bank.

On another note, I did venture out to the community church garden where we had over-wintered some carrots (planted in the fall, covered, and harvested the next spring) and I pulled one up.  I did eat that and it was really good.  Super sweet.  And just as crispy as if I had grabbed it out of the ground in August.  It did have a few extra of those little hairy things that carrots get, little tiny roots I guess, but they peeled right off.  So over-wintered carrots are a yes.  Over-wintered beets?  Still no idea.

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