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Down Time

So….yeah. I had to have surgery three weeks ago today and I have had to spend the last three weeks just sitting around, not able to do anything (including chasing my children about). Can I just tell you, I am TIRED of sitting in the recliner. ARGH. It is hard to not do anything. Especially since I hate being told what to do and the doctor told me I have to rest and recover so my recovery will go more smoothly. The kids seem to know that I am unable to discipline very well. The noise level is crazy sauce in here. They run downstairs and I can’t go down and tell them to use their indoor voices. Wait – what’s an indoor voice? We don’t really know what that is. At least the children don’t. Our volume level goes from no talking to light yelling (because someone in another room might not hear you) to full blast yelling (because all the neighbors might not hear you). The two younger ones have decided that the coffee table is a race track and “come here” means “Run quickly! Faster! Maybe you can act like you didn’t hear her!”

On the positive side, my little Warrior Princess just informed me that she loves me to the Caribbean and back. Which sounds pretty magical, if you asked me. So there’s that. The children have been watching far too much television, and eating meals at completely random times. (i.e. We have football at 5:00, and scouts at 7:00, so we better eat at 4:00. Who cares, really, if we just finished our lunch at 3:00?) My poor husband is trying to work, parent, be a caregiver, taxi driver, and activities director. Luckily, my parents were here to help post surgery manage the house and the children. We would have been lost without their help. The laundry alone would have buried us. Mountains, I tell you. But they are gone now and we are alone. Alone with stir crazy children and a super stir crazy momma

I can direct much of our homeschool from my recliner, much to the childrens’ disappointment. 🙂

I am not supposed to feel a lot better until around the 4-6 week mark. My e-mail accounts, normally overflowing, are the smallest they have been in years. My fingernails are well trimmed. I am current on all major news stories. I have read more (both fiction and non) in the last three weeks than I had for the entire year so far, researching jewelry making, homeschooling issues, cooking, gardening, homesteading, real estate options, and a host of other fun rabbit trails starting at Pinterest. I have completed art projects. I have binge watched enough television shows on Netflix to last a very long time. Let’s see…what now? Just 2-3 more weeks to go.

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