Seed Starting

Seed Trays, Seedlings, New Growth!

This year I have been reluctant to plant.  I don’t think I have ever felt this unmotivated to start in the spring.  We are in a super busy season of life and things have been a bit crazy.  HOWEVER….I went to the 2nd annual Free The Seeds Event about a week ago and finally got myself motivated.  That very next day I planted all the things I had been needing to get started and now I get the joy of the new seedlings starting to poke through the dirt.

Seed Tray – Still Waiting to Come Up

Remember to save a few milk jugs for plant markers, and get your cinnamon ready to sprinkle on those seed cells.  Some of the flowers are up already…they beat the tomatoes.

Brand New Seedlings!

Happy seed starting all!  It’s almost spring!



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