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The Winter that Will Not Die

So it seems that everyone, everywhere, is posting pictures of green grass and flowers poking through the soft, springtime dirt… except me. This is what my garden beds look like.

Springtime in the North

Yes, that is a raised garden bed. In the spring. This photo was taken yesterday, March 27. Last year on March 31, I planted peas, radishes, and various greens in these same beds. As you can see, our flowers are not quite poking through the soil here yet. There is no green (unless you count the pine trees.) This winter will not die. My seedlings are coming up under the grow lights, but it is still going to be a while before I will get to plant anything in the garden here. I hope that wherever you are, you can enjoy at least a taste of spring. Here’s to dreaming of homegrown goodness and fragrant flowers!



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