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Free Shipping on Seeds with Botanical Interests!

Hey all! Even though the outside currently looks like an early scene from Narnia,

No Garden, Feburary Snow, Winter
No gardening in the February Snow!


I am beginning to think of spring and flowers and wonderful, beautiful, yummy things.  After all, Super Sow Sunday (For those who do not care AT ALL about Superbowl, except maybe the food.  And the commercials.) has officially come and gone and it is time to start some of those really early starts.  On the agenda:  Onions, flower seeds, peppers (yes, peppers – did you know that you can grow them year round as house plants? Although I doubt you would actually get many peppers unless you had an extremely sunny spot or a grow light.) and the most important thing of all…browsing through the seed catalogs! This brings me to the main purpose of this particular post…

It’s time to order seeds again!!!

The awesome news is that one of my favorite seed companies is offering free shipping during the entire month of February this year!  Botanical Interests is a great company that I have ordered from for several years.  I love getting their seeds.  The package that comes has always been beautiful and the seed packages are like works of art.   And FREE SHIPPING!  It would be a great time to try something new!  You might want to consider my favorite sunflower – Dwarf Teddy Bear!  They look like this when you grow them.


Teddy Bear Sunflowers, Dwarf Sunflowers, Botanical Interests, Church Garden
Teddy Bear Sunflowers
Teddy Bear Sunflowers, Dwarf Sunflowers, Botanical Interests
Gorgeous Sunflowers
Teddy Bear Sunflowers, Dwarf Sunflowers, Botanical Interests

I grew these in our church garden.  I love them because they have all the glorious color and texture that a sunflower should have and yet they only grow a few feet high.  They can be scattered in among the veggies and make your garden absolutely stunning.  Aren’t they magnificent?  Or maybe you are interested in the best cherry tomatoes ever – Sun Gold.  If you grow them in a nice sunny place, they are heaven in a bite.  Even if you grow them in a more shady area like I have, they are a sweet pop of joy and they almost never make it to the house to be shared.  If you have a favorite special seed that you are dying to order, I would love to hear about it in the comments.

Free shipping is like a late Christmas present!  Enjoy the peaceful quiet of the winter before the crazy rush of spring.  Grab a cup of tea, put on some relaxing music, and browse away!  Go forth and grow!

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