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Free Shipping on Baker Creek Seeds today only until 6 pm!


Hey all you happy gardeners!  I just got an email last night that alerted me to a special free shipping deal through Baker Creek Seeds!

Spring Planting Festival May 6 & 7

Free Shipping for the next 24 hours (Ends 6 PM April 6th) use code “Mayfest” at checkout.


Have you been wanting to try a new seed variety?  Did you forget to order just one or two packets of seeds when you placed your early spring order and don’t want to pay shipping for just a couple packets of seeds?  Do you want to try a new (really great!) seed company?  This is your chance!  Order now and enjoy the free shipping today only!

I am going to be getting some snow peas,

Snow Peas
Oregon Snow Peas – Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

some popcorn for my kiddos to grow,

Strawberry Popcorn
Strawberry Popcorn – Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

a short season watermelon to try,

Blacktail Watermelon
Blacktail Watermelon – Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

some super yummy hot peppers that I seem to be able to actually grow,

Grandpa's Home Peppers
Grandpa’s Home Peppers – Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

and possibly a cover crop for fixing nitrogen in my nitrogen lacking soil…

Austrian Winter Pea
Austrian Winter Pea – Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds


This is one of the seed companies that I have been very happy with and I highly recommend them.  Enjoy your freebie!  Happy spring!!!  Go forth and grow.

Here is an review I did of Baker Creek Seeds and Botanical Interests from a few years ago if you wanted to see what your order might look like:  Time to Order Seeds


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