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Story of the World – Social Studies

And this is why homeschooling is such fun.  We were studying the Maori Warriors.  He-Man was voted to be our guinea pig.  We had lots of fun using (washable) crayola markers to try and replicate some of the designs we saw.  This is going to be a lovely blackmail shot later in life.  Hee, hee,… Read More Story of the World – Social Studies

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The Dirty Decimal Point

Muscles hereby hates the decimal point and decided the world would be much better off without it.  He says that whoever invented the decimal point must be crazy because inventions are supposed to be beneficial.  He is working on figuring sales tax amounts in his math.  Hmmmm.  I am sure we can work this into… Read More The Dirty Decimal Point

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Amish “Friendship” Bread

Yesterday I made 8 loaves of “Amish Friendship Bread” for the freezer.  It was an edible science project on fermentation (sourdough) that He-Man brought home from homeschool co-op.  This is the second time I have made this same bread.  Once, a long time ago, a neighbor gave us a “start.”  The bread is okay.  I… Read More Amish “Friendship” Bread

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Homeschool – Field Trip!!!

As we are winding down our homeschool year and heading toward summer we are finding it a little repetitive and we are ready to be outside.  So today, I went ahead and booked us for a little field trip to the Idaho Botanical Garden with the boys’ Charter School IDEA. Sorry, no pictures, I forgot… Read More Homeschool – Field Trip!!!