Free Homeschool Planner!

I got frustrated looking for planners and having to buy planners, so I made my own.  We will see how it goes.  I am going to to use the main Planner for myself (there is room to write details on each lesson if I don’t get them typed in before printing) and then the Independent Checklist is for the child to use. This way he can be working on getting the items on his list done when I am helping his brothers or taking care of sister.  On the main planner, the items that each child can do independently are highlighted in light gray so I know what he is responsible for.  The days of the week go across the top in a two page spread and the subjects go down the side.

Sample Weekly Homeschool Planner

Independent Daily Checklist for Joshua

If, on the other hand, you would rather have a planner that you can write in that is similar in layout, I have really liked the Lesson Plan Book by Debbie Mumm.  You can order it on Amazon for around $30.00 for a 3 pack and it is also very good, I just found that many of the things we did each week (bible stuff and devotionals/spelling/practices etc.) had to be written in for each child each week and it was starting to take quite a bit of time.  Happy planning!


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4 thoughts on “Free Homeschool Planner!

  1. Thank you so much for your Weekly Homeschool Planner! I have been searching the internet, combing through websites, and scavenging for just the perfect planner. Your design is exactly what I was envisioning! It’s simple, easy to read, and customizable.

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