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Red and Golden Beets and Greens

The first of our harvest is starting to trickle in. Red and golden beets were on the menu tonight! This year has been a rough one for me in the garden world. My motivation to garden just hasn’t been there this year. I didn’t start my seeds exactly on time, I didn’t fertilize the raised… Read More Red and Golden Beets and Greens

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Over-Wintering Beets

Yeah, I told you I would keep you posted.  I totally didn’t eat the over-wintered beets.  I was worried that something might be wrong with them.  I probably should have.  I’ll bet they were fine.  So, sorry about that.  I will stick to trying to eat all the beets in the season in which they… Read More Over-Wintering Beets

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Tomatoes Coming Out our Ears!

Picked these in the last few days – most of them today.  Time to start the canning!  I have passed quite a few out to our neighbors already.  The cherry sungold tomatoes are by far my favorite.  They look kind of yellowish in the picture but they are soooooo sweet!  Definitely doing those again next… Read More Tomatoes Coming Out our Ears!

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Gardening Update – July 20, 2012

Well…things have changed.  I am working in the church garden, but NOT the community garden.  Hubby and I decided that that would be just a bit too much especially with the traveling we wanted to do this summer.  We made a great decision.  I would have been overwhelmed.  We just returned from our 2 weeks… Read More Gardening Update – July 20, 2012