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Ordering Seeds, Garden

It is a good time to start getting your seeds and starting some indoors if you haven’t already.  End of February and first of March are perfect where I live for starting indoor seeds.  I am always excited to start getting the seed catalogs over the end of the winter and I save them for this time of year when I can start browsing through and then picking things to try and grow.  I always end up with more seeds than my garden can hold, but it seems to be just fine.  I have kept seeds for several years and they still germinate well.  I have ordered from R.H. Shumway’s and Gurneys before with good results.  I have also heard good things about Johnny’s Seeds.  I was not very impressed with Burgess when I ordered live plants from them.  Many of them didn’t grow well or at all.  Their seeds were okay.  I would go with another company based on my experience.   There is a very cool tool on called the Garden Watchdog.  It helps you pick a company to order from based on user reviews of the companies.  You may also want to check that out.

Our local garden supply store donated all of last years leftover seeds to our church community garden this year!  I love that.  It is the second year that they have done so.  It works wonderfully well because they can’t sell the older seeds (as far as I am aware) and our church family uses what it needs and then passes on the rest of the seeds to another community garden in the area.  A big thank you to Zamzows!!!

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