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Duct Tape is Great For Organic Pest Control in the Garden

Did you know that often just laying out a strip of duct tape – sticky side up will catch the bugs that are bugging you?  Cheap, easy fix for roly-poly bugs (pill bugs) around your favorite garden plants.  Generally speaking, pill bugs aren’t garden pests – they don’t usually care about eating plants as they prefer decaying matter, but they seem to gobble new seedlings like candy.

If we are having a bad year for these bugs, I will lay down strips of duct tape forming a square around the new seedlings and the roly-poly bugs get stuck trying to cross to the yummy, vulnerable seedling.


Also Works to Trap Hobo Spiders!

This also works like those sticky traps for hobo spiders that may try and sneak into your house.  They don’t spin sticky-type webs and easily get caught on the sticky tape!  If you suspect you may have hobos around your house, you can try laying the duct tape next to their funnel webs and see if you catch something.  If you have a large problem, or if they have migrated indoors, you will likely have to contact a local pest control company, but if you see a funnel shaped web in your yard outside your house, you can try the cheaper, easier duct tape method and try and get rid of them that way.  You don’t have to always invest in expensive glue traps or spray toxic pesticides.

We had a deck where hobo spiders seemed to live outside our house.  You could see the funnel webs between the decking boards.  I would lay strips of duct tape face up around the funnel webs and had great luck catching the icky little pests.  I prefer Nashua Duct Tape – seems the stickiest for all my duct tape needs.  There is a difference in quality, believe it or not.  Try it.  Let me know what you catch!  Happy trapping!  🙂

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