The tomato seedlings have grown.  And grown.  And grown.  And they are really quite large now.  I am seriously considering putting at least a few of them out in the garden in walls of water.  It may be a touch early, but they are really making my son’s room a crazy greenhouse of sorts.  There are 10 that are roughly this same size and then more coming that were planted later and are smaller.  He-Man looks happy though, doesn’t he? All the kids are excited to see the plants growing bigger and bigger.

Walls of water are plant protectors that you can buy at pretty much any place that also sells tomatoes.  It is a round plastic sheet that is made up of individual tubes that you fill with water.  This creates a greenhouse effect to protect warm weather plants from the cold.  The water absorbs the heat of the sun in the daytime and then keeps that air inside the little teepee like thing that the full tubes make.  The plant can go in the garden much earlier this way, although it is still wise to be careful if you are going to get a freeze and maybe throw a sheet or light blanket over the walls of water. Here is a picture of a new package I bought this year so you will know what you are looking for.

  I bought mine at Home Depot this year.  As a bonus they are made in Montana!  Love buying USA.  These will last for several seasons, until they get holes in the plastic and can’t hold water anymore.  I use mine every year!


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    Hi Kathryn! I nominated you for a Kreative Blogger award. Check it out here to participate!

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